User Tutorial

Learn how to create a staff roster with our free rostering software.

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Creating a Roster


The name on the roster is displayed in the top left corner and can usually just be your business name. Theres no need to say when the roster is for in the title as dates are displayed on each day.

Start Date

When a new roster is created it will automatically make the roster for 1 week and increment the dates for you. You can change all of the dates later, as well as add days and remove weekends.

Creating a Roster with Cloud Rosters

Edit Key

The edit key is used to edit the roster - anyone with this key can edit the roster, this means it’s stored in plaintext and viewed in plain text - do not use passwords because of this. It’s not the most secure option and it’s one we’ll probably change in the future to use accounts instead.

Viewing a Roster

When viewing a roster you can either go direct to its url or by using the form from the home page.

Creating a Roster with Cloud Rosters

Show/Hide Roles

This option toggles the show and hide ability for the roles/description field when viewing the roster.

Show/Hide end Times

This option toggles the show and hide ability for the end times field when viewing the roster.

Mobile Version

This will redirect you to the mobile display of the website that changes to a per person view making it much easier to read on portrait phone displays.


A printer friendly view if you prefer to stick the roster on the wall to give to your staff.

Last Edit Message

The last edit message gives a date and time that the roster was last saved, this is particularly useful for employees to look at when checking that they are looking at the latest version, rather than having to check all their shifts haven’t changed.

Editing a Roster

From the roster display page you can enter the edit key to access the edit options of the roster.

Creating a Roster with Cloud Rosters


Saving the roster will automatically update the last edit date and will let you know if the save is successful. You can also use keyboard shortcuts CMD + S on mac and CTRL + S on windows.


You can share the roster via email with your staff by pasting a list of emails separated by a comma, when you submit the form email addresses will be verified and a list of emails that have been sent will be displayed.

Add Employee

This option will add a new employee row to the bottom of the roster.

Add Day

This option allows you to add a day to the roster, by default it will be the next day.

Clone Roster

Making next weeks roster? You can easily clone a roster by setting a new start date and the other dates will automatically adjust - you’ll need to provide a new edit key and you’ll automatically be given a new Roster ID.

Delete Roster

If for whatever reason you no longer need the roster and don’t want a copy kept, you can delete the roster.

Updated: 16th February 2016

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