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Support Cloud Rosters and never look at Ads again

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Remove Ads

Better Looking

Ads ruin the beautiful design of Cloud Rosters, remove them for a better experience.


Know that you're helping Cloud Rosters grow and have more features added.

Better Privacy

Know that you're not being tracked by Google Ads when using Cloud Rosters.


For only A$4.99 you won't have to see ads for a year.

How it works

After your payment is successful we will set your unique cookie to ensure ads aren't displayed, we'll also send you an email with a link in case you clear your cookies or if you would like to set it on another device. This will prevent Ads from being displayed in the mobile version of the site, but not the App.

If you have any issues, please let us know via email - [email protected]

Updated: 14th February 2017

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