Free Rostering Software Features

Our free rostering software has the features you need.

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Saved in the Cloud

We ensure your rosters are stored in the cloud and accessible anywhere.

Clean Design

We care about Design at Cloud Rosters, we like making things that look pretty so we've tried to reflect that with Cloud Rosters.

Printable View

If you still like having a physical roster in your workplace you can easily print it.

Mobile friendly rosters

Looking at a large horizontal roster on a mobile phone usually is awkward and annoying, with our rostering software, it's beautiful.

Easily send to your team

Our online rostering software allows you to easily email your roster to your entire team in one click - just paste a comma seperated list of emails.

Blazing fast

Cloud Rosters is a fast solution for saving and sending rosters, you won't spend precious time waiting for multiple page loads when using Cloud Rosters.


Tell your staff any updates or changes using the Notes option, a helpful hint is to post next weeks Roster ID in notes.

Cloning Rosters

We don't expect you to be starting from scratch every week, clone a roster and tell us when the new one starts and we'll change all the dates.


Cloud Rosters is supported by ad placement on roster view - not from your business expenses.

Share the Edit key

Allow your managers to do some of the work, just give them the edit key and they can make changes.

Always up to date

After you post the Roster staff may request to switch shifts, with Cloud Rosters everyone has the changes.

End times not required

You don't need to specify what time a shift needs to end.

Updated: 1st August 2018

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