Change Log

Find out all the changes made to our rostering software.

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Latest Updates

When we update our software we'll try and update this page so you can stay up to date.

18th February 2017

  • Force SSL on all pages
  • Allow users to remove ads via credit card purchase
  • Add Support Form

23rd January 2017

  • It's been a while since I've made updates, I've re-written most of the code in Typescript
  • Added Automated Continous Integration Testing
  • Refactor code to make it easier to work on
  • Remove Beta tags
  • Remove home page promotion

15th September 2016

28th July 2016

10th July 2016

  • Fixed Roster edit view tabbing to hidden fields.
  • Converted entire platform to use AJAX instead of Socket IO. (You might need to refresh to get the new Javascript files)
  • iOS App in App Store a few weeks ago (Search Cloud Rosters)
  • Entire Site works on HTTPS now, before sockets weren't letting secure requests go through.

29th April 2016

  • Added Search functionality in mobile roster display.
  • Server Side fixes for Build Testing.

25th April 2016

  • Entering your email address when creating a roster sends you an email with the roster details so you don't lose the edit key.
  • Fixed temporary issues where rosters were not being created correctly.

13th March 2016

  • Added ability to show and hide roles on the edit page.
  • Added ability to show and hide end times on the edit page.
  • Added tooltips on hover for edit page tools & shortened some names.

29th February 2016

  • Added features page.
  • Add about page.

16th February 2016

  • Added a notes option to the Roster.
  • Added ReCAPTCHA to email form to prevent spam.
  • Fix delete roster bug that would redirect you to home page even if the delete failed.
  • Change date format site wide to Tue 16th Feb 2016 to allow easier reading across multiple countries.
  • Update Privacy Policy.

15th February 2016

  • Added an SSL certificate, we're currently aware of a bug preventing users from creating and editing rosters when connected via https but we'll work on fixing that shortly.
  • Add keybindings for Save (CMD + S on Mac, CTRL+S on Windows).

Beta Release

Edit Roster Features

  • Save
  • Share via Email
  • Add Employee / row to roster
  • Add Day / column to roster
  • Clone Roster - Useful for next weeks roster, with new date and edit key options.
  • Delete Roster

Roster View Features

  • Hide end times.
  • Hide roles.
  • Print view.
  • Timestamp of when the roster was last edited, useful for when you're looking back at it to check if there are any changes that have been made since you last looked.
  • Mobile View that suits the phone, each person is shown with the dates to their left and shifts to their right.

Updated: 1st August 2018

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