API - Cloud Rosters

Our Free Rostering Software API.

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Our free rostering software has a simple API allowing anyone to get the public roster data as a JSON object.

The API is available at https://cloudrosters.com/api/ROSTERID using http or https where ROSTERID is the Roster ID. Below is the syntax that the Cloud Rosters API uses. The format for Roster Shift data is best to iterate over the data and use the same index for the date array.

API Content

  • Roster ID (String)
  • Dates (String Array)
  • Roster Name (String)
  • Rows (Name, Shifts (Array))
  • Lastedit (Datestamp)
  • Editkey (Always Null)
  • Notes (String)

Code Example

Updated: 29th March 2016

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