About Cloud Rosters

How it's made and who made it.

Who made it

This project was created by Nate Sanchez-Goodwin and was my first project using Node JS, I'm a uni student on the Gold Coast and you can read more about stuff I do on my blog. I decided to make free rostering software because the restaurant I work at uses excel and looking at a photo of a printed spreedsheet on your phone is an awkard process of zooming and scrolling. I tried to solve some of the problems that employers would have while creating rosters though my focus was initially on the staff viewing the roster.

Why is it free?

I've heard a few people say I should charge for Cloud Rosters, but first I want to see that people are actually using it without having to pay for it, they're giving their most important thing to use Cloud Rosters (their time) and placing ads on the display in an unobtrusive way can keep development and hosting ongoing. If you don't like ads you can either support development and pay to remove them or use adblock - I understand and you won't see messages asking you to disable it.

There are a lot of paid rostering solutions out there but I couldn't really find any free ones that aren't just trials. Many of these do it better than Cloud Rosters with more functionality. Cloud Rosters is intended to be simpler than those out there to separate it from the others.

How it's made

I decided to use Node JS, for Cloud Rosters as it's a growing framework and works really well for creating web based applications, it also relies on some of these other frameworks/plugins/packages so I'll do a list below

  • Digital Ocean Servers
  • Node JS
  • TypeScript
  • jQuery & jQuery UI
  • Socket IO
  • Express
  • Handlebars
  • Pixeden icons
  • Bootstrap
  • nginx
  • Font Awesome

The App

I created a Hybrid App using the ionic framework that is currently available on the Apple App store and Google Play store.

Updated: 18th February 2017

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