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Cloud Rosters is a free rostering software platform that allows you to easily create and share rosters with your team.

One edit key, no accounts

Not only is it incredibly easy for you to start creating rosters and sending them to your staff, but your staff are going to love the way you can easily view rosters on their phone, tablet and computer. Share the edit key with your managers and they can easily make changes to the roster, then whenever someone views the roster they will see the most current version with a timestamp of when the roster was last edited.

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Easy to use

We designed our platform with ease of use in mind, remembering that every business has different rostering needs means no fields are reqiured - if you don't want to give an end time for a shift you don't have to and the same goes for roles.

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Mobile friendly rosters

Looking at a large horizontal roster on a mobile phone usually is awkward and annoying, with our rostering software, it's beautiful.

Easily send to your team

Our online rostering softwares allows you to easily email your roster to your entire team in one click - just paste a comma seperated list of emails.

Blazing fast

Cloud Rosters is a fast solution for saving and sending rosters, you won't spend precious time waiting for multiple page loads when using Cloud Rosters.

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Partnering with Tanda to give you even more features

Pay rate calculation

Automate your payroll and roster cost calculations for faster payroll.

Payroll integration

Tanda works with existing payroll systems including Xero, MYOB, ADP, ...

Time clock attendance

Accurately track staff time & attendance with Tanda's electronic clock in/out device.

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